🌼Quick tip on clarity 🌼

In order for us to have conviction, we need to have clarity.

When you have clarity, it means you have a clear understanding of your purpose in life.

When you understand what your goals are, it makes you confident in who you are and allows you to understand life and the part you play in making it better.

having clarity, simply put is knowing where you are coming from with a definite view of where you are going.

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🌼🌼🌼Quick tip 🌼🌼🌼

Have you ever looked at a goal

And say it’s going to take too long

Guess what? The time is going to pass

Anyway, so why don’t you start working on it now.

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🌼🌼Live like a winner🌼🌼

Begin to live as though you have already won. When you pray, thank God for the things that haven’t been granted yet. Make sure to be thankful for what has already been done, showing gratitude for what you already have is important and it is likewise essential to show gratitude for the things that are about to come.

When you are grateful, it sets your mind up for winning. When you are of the mindset that you have already won, then you become more mentally equipped to deal with challenges that may come ( things happen, they always do.) Instead of folding under the pressure and challenges, a winning mindset will propel you to find solutions, opportunities and lessons that can push you forward.

When you live like you have already won, you will be able to visualize what you seek. An example is to picture your self in that job that you actually want, or picture your self in that dream house you want to buy. What ever it is that you are aiming for, just think like it’s already yours.

To live like you have already won is a mindset. You have to train yourself to develop and maintain that winning mindset. A winning mindset is what will help you to look beyond your current struggles with a view of what your future holds. Live life like you have already won.

Think it

Believe it

Live it.

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Don’t fake it

“Don’t fake it till you make it”

Don’t listen to them.

Work hard to make it.

Face it till you make it.

Get up work hard. Fail, stand back up.

Face it again. Do it a little better.

Go a little harder.

Fail again.

Get back up.


Don’t fake it.

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