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Beginning today, treat everyone you meet as if they were going to be dead by midnight. Extend to them all the care, kindness and understanding you can muster, and do it with no thought of any reward. Your life will never be the same.

Og Mandingo



A beautiful love story

Love is a beautiful thing

💕💕💕💕💕Eternal love 💕💕💕💕

One day at work, Amanda received a beautiful flower 🌺 bouquet. In it, she counted 11 flowers and found a short note in it. It was written in a beautiful lettering and said :

my love for you will last until the day the last flower in this 🌺 bouquet dies.”

The note was from her husband, who had gone on a business trip. Unsure what to make of this message, she went home in the evening and soaked the flowers with water. One day after another, the 🌺 flowers became a little less beautiful until they all died. All but one flower. This was the day when she realized that there was one artificial flower 🌺 in the bouquet that would last forever.

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The sexy woman craze

In a world where body image is so important, it is good to love yourself for who you are. The new norm for us as women is to have that ” perfect body figure, ” causing women and misguided young girls to get the wrong idea of what a woman should look like.

I am not here to bash anyone or to judge. Gone were the days when plastic surgery was a secret. Today there are billboards everywhere advertising the different type of body shapes you can achieve if you choose them. Scroll through your social media feed on any given day and you will see a body that was beautifully and perfectly created by a plastic surgeon.

Again I have no problem with a person that chooses to ” get their body done.” Every one have a right to their personal preferences. My only hope is that, it is being done for the right reasons. We are in a culture that defines beauty to be something sexy. The media has allowed young girls to think that if they don’t boast a certain type of body figure then they are not beautiful. It seems we are now in a ” big but craze.” Women are spending thousands of dollars to get that desired size. The natural look is frowned upon and criticized. If you are fat, they bash you, if you are skinny they bash you. Social media has allowed people to perpetuate so much negativity. Causing women to feel the need to change their bodies just to fit in.

Post a picture of a fully clothed woman on social media and it will only get just a few views and likes. Post a picture with the same women showcasing her curves skimpily dressed and views are skyrocketed. That’s the age that we are living in. Social media has created the ” sexy craze.” This is where anything that is deemed to be “sexy” is viewed a lot and gets a lot of compliments.

Because of the way in which the ” sexy body image ” is being celebrated on social media. Women and young girls tend to lack that Confidence that is needed. My solution is that we have to find a way to develop that strong confidence. Know who you are, what you stand for. Learn to love yourself unconditionally, learn to be your own influencer. When you are strong and confident in who you are, nothing will be able to sway you to change to please the crowd.


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Here are some words of encouragement to improve your day

There is no such thing as ” too much encouragement” you can never over do it. The good thing is that encouraging someone, doesn’t cost a penny. It seems as though we are in a culture where a lot of people either take pleasure in downplaying others or they take pleasure in spreading their negative opinions. Growing up i have always heard the saying if you have nothing good to say, then it’s best you say nothing.” That saying is something that can never be too old. I can not understand what is gained from being negative or how hard can it be for people to say ” good job” or ” keep going” Or ” you got this.” I personally get great pleasure in encouraging others, I want to win and definitely want you to win, I want us all to see victory.

Press on, you can do it, you got this, you will win, don’t ever be discouraged.

These words of encouragement from some very famous and successful people should do nothing but inspire you:

“A word of encouragement during failure is worth more than a hour of praise after success. ”


“The best revenge is massive success.”

Frank Sinatra

” It’s time for us all to stand and cheer for the doer, the achiever – the one who recognizes the challenges and does something about it.”

Vince Lombardi

“Press on – nothing can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent; Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Perseverance and determination alone are omnipotent .”

Calvin Coolidge

“It doesn’t matter who you are,where you come from. The ability to triumph, begins with you always.”

Oprah Winfrey

It doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you don’t stop”


Believe you can and you are halfway there.”

Theodore Roosevelt

“Anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve.”

J.K Rowling

Embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have a title until much later.”

Bob Goff

” When one door closes, another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.”

Alexander Graham Bell

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Words are powerful

Based on the heading, how much more do I really need to say? Not much, but I’m going to say it anyway. Have you ever been given unsolicited advice? Or better yet, have you ever put your two cents in, when nobody asked you to? I have experienced both. Sometimes we speak without thinking how it may affect others, not realizing that our words have power. We have to be mindful about what we say to each other.

Here is a telling short story, emphasizing just how powerful our words can be. Be careful what you say to people, it can make or break them.

The group of frogs

As a group of frogs were traveling through the woods, two of them fell into a deep pit. When the other frogs crowded around the pit and saw how deep it was, they told the frogs that there was no hope left for them.

However, the two frogs, decided to ignore what the others were saying and they proceeded to try and jump out of the pit.

Despite their efforts, the group of frogs at the top of the pit, were still saying they should give up . That they would never make it out.

Eventually, one of the frogs took heed to what the others were saying and gave up, falling down to his death. The other frog continued to jump as hard as he could. Again, the crowd of frogs yelled at him to stop the pain and just die.

He jumped even harder and finally made it out. When he got out, the other frogs said, ” did you not hear us?”

The frog explained to them that he was deaf. He thought they were encouraging him the entire time.

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10 forgiveness quotes from some of the most influential people

There are some things in life that you cannot stress too much, forgiveness is one such thing. I know I spoke about forgiveness before on this blog. However, it is never too much. You cannot “over forgiveso it cannot be over emphasized that you have to forgive. There is absolutely nothing gained from holding a grudge, all it does is waste your energy. Fine, so someone did you wrong once and you cut them off and hold that anger in your heart forever. How does that help you? What are you gaining from constantly being mad and unforgiving?

Here are a few quotes about forgiveness from some very wise people, let it go, let’s start forgiving not for them but for you:

Lewis B. Amended

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”

Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy

“Let us forgive each other, only then will we live in peace.”

Steve Maraboli

The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.”

Mahatma Gandhi

” The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”

Nelson Mandela

” when a deep injury is done to us, we never heal until we forgive.”

Oprah Winfrey

True forgiveness is when you can say, thank you for that experience.”

Nelson Mandela

As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind. I’d still be in prison.”

Robert Muller

” To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. In return you will receive untold peace and happiness.”

Maya Angelou

” It’s one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, to forgive. Forgive everybody.”

Jessica Lange

Acceptance and tolerance and forgiveness are life altering lessons.”

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16 powerful inspirational quotes

Believe it or not, everyone gets in a little hole sometimes. For me, one of the things that picks me up and gets me back on track, is a good inspirational quote. They are like a inner voice cheering you on and letting you know that you can do it, regardless of what you are going through.

Amy Poehler

“Limit your always and your nevers”

Serena Williams

” A champion is defined not by Their wins, but by how they can recover when they fall.

Rosa Parks

Each person must live their lives as a model for others”

Oscar Wilde

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”

Thomas Carlyle

No pressure, no diamonds.”

Albert Einstein

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. ”

Walt Disney

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

Winston Churchill

The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.”

Vince Lombardi

” It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.”

Maya Angelou

We May encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated.”

Dr. Henry Link

We generate fears while we sit. We overcome them by action.”

Helen Keller

Security is mostly a superstition. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

Don zimmer

” What you lack in talent, can be made up with desire, hustle and giving 110% all the time.”

C. S. Lewis

“You are never too old to set another goal, or to dream a new dream. ”

George Eliot

” It is never too late to be what you might have been.”

Deep Roy

” Inspiration comes from within yourself . You have to be positive. When you are positive, good things happen.”

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